The SoccerKakis Podcast Episode 12: The EPL Preview

The English Premier League is right around the corner and we couldn’t help but do an EPL Preview. And we had Rynaldy return for this one!

After all, a lot and we mean a lot has happened since the end of last season. In part 1 of our EPL Preview, we look at the top four teams of last season and discuss how they may fare this season. Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool & Chelsea have all dipped into the transfer market to various degrees but have they solved existing problems with their signings? Who do they need to sign before the end of the window? Where will they finish?

Tune in to find out what we think!

Who’s going to qualify for Europe? 

Unlike previous seasons, it’s a question that’s hard to answer this time around. Leicester City may have replaced Arsenal in the top 6 but can the Gunners find a way to qualify for Europe? West Ham United qualified for the Europa League this time around but do they have the depth to compete? What about Leeds and Aston Villa? What are their chances?

Listen in to find out!

In the third and final part of our EPL preview, we look at the rest of the pack who constitute the new EPL “Mid-table.” Yes, we know there hasn’t been any true EPL mid-table club since Stoke got relegated but these clubs are as close as you’re going to get. We also discuss the potential relegation contenders before concluding with our picks for the top 6, players of the season and bold claims. 

What do you think? Agree with what we say?

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