The SoccerKakis Podcast Episode 9

Another week, another podcast but a new face join us this time around! Rynaldy joins the podcast team and offers his insights into the discussions at hand.

In our first part, we look at the ongoing situation in Barcelona. All is not well with the Catalan giants. The club is forced to offload a number of players before they can re-sign Lionel Messi because of their ludicrous wage bill. Messi has allegedly agreed to take more than a 50% pay cut to rejoin FC Barcelona but until they offload a few more players, it is going to be hard. Who are these players and what’s next for all parties? Tune in to find out! 

Link to Anchor here

Jack’s worst nightmare has turned into reality as in part 2, he not only has to contend with one but two United fans on the topic of transfers. Manchester United have already practically signed Jadon Sancho and are about to conclude a deal for Raphaël Varane. It’s amazing what can happen when Ed Woodward is no longer the top dog in the transfers department. United are also linked to Eduardo Camavinga, Declan Rice and Vinícius. Who do you think United will sign? 

Besides incomings, Pogba looks to be leaving United and this time PSG look like likely suitors. Do you think it’s time for Manchester United to cash out on Pogba before his contract expires or do they risk him leaving on a free by keeping him on for yet another season?

Link to Anchor here.

Well, we now turn our attention to Arsenal and oh how the mighty have fallen. It is clear that Arsenal desperately needs reinforcements, especially in defence. However, is Ben White the answer? Is 50 million pounds splashed on one player the answer for Arsenal whose board is potentially scaling back their overall transfer activity since they won’t feature in Europe this season. If anything, Arsenal do need to sign a player who can act as the creative outlet for the team. Martin Ødegaard has returned to Real Madrid and so, the question beckons: Who replaces the Norwegian? 

Want to know who we think will move to Arsenal? Listen in!

Link to Anchor here

In our last episode for this week, we decided to use this opportunity we had of having Ryn join us to discuss a few pertinent Manchester United topics. Discussing whether Ole is the man for the job and who should United field as their number one, tune in to hear what was said.

Link to Anchor here.

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