The SoccerKakis Podcast Episode 11

And yes, that’s right, we are back with yet another episode. Unfortunately, we recorded this episode before the major announcement that Lionel Messi will be parting ways with Barcelona – truly an end of an era. Stay tuned for an article on that. 

Meanwhile, we looked at three other major pieces of transfer news and rumours. In this first part, we look at Manchester City’s latest signing, Jack Grealish and the implications of him signing with the Blues. What does this mean for players like Sterling? Is Grealish going to be the most expensive bench warmer in history? 

Tune in to hear what we have to say!

We next look at Harry Kane and his increasingly uncertain future. It was previously thought that Kane would sign for Manchester City but after Grealish’s £100m move to the Etihad, it seems that the club might not choose to purchase the prolific Spurs goal scorer. Perhaps Kane decides to reverse his stance on wanting to remain in England, but then again that doesn’t leave him with many options other than Real Madrid. If he remains, it is kind of awkward for all parties at Tottenham as well. In that regard, he is truly a man lost in space.

So what then should Kane do? Find out by tuning in!

Romelu Lukaku has returned to Stamford Bridge. It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. After all, Lukaku has unfinished business with Chelsea, and he actually provides them with the lethal finishing that has eluded the Blues at times. Let us know if you agree with our views!

And that’s a wrap folks! Catch next week’s episode where we discuss the start of the Premier League.

The SoccerKakis Podcast Episode 10

And we’re back with another episode! This week we dive deep into transfer discussions but surprisingly, we talk more about other teams than our own [Everton and Manchester United]. In Part 1, we look at Tottenham Hotspurs’ recent transfer dealings in the window and potential moves that may or may not happen. Under Nuno, Spurs…

Football Fans Deserve Better Than EA Sports

Why we as a football community deserve more from a football video game… So, it is time for us to talk about something different. Let’s talk about football video games. If you are a younger football fan, around the age of Vikram and I especially, it is very likely that you have played a football…

Harry Kane, It’s Time To Go

After their latest disappointment, it is time for Harry Kane to leave Tottenham… Harry Kane, lad, you do not need this negativity in your life. You are a fantastic player; you do not need to be dealing with this. Now, we love loyalty here. Players building a connection with a club and supporters, sticking out…

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