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We started out as a footballing enthusiast duo with a wide range of skills and experience (by that I mean we watch a lot of games and highlight reels). We love the beautiful game, and we discuss it with passion. This duo has now become a quartet but nothing much has changed. We still look forward to providing you with quality content.

Vikram Jayakumar

Co-Founder, Chief Writer, and Head of Networking and Publicity

An avid Manchester United fan that specializes in English Premier League and Asian football analysis. Besides my beloved Red Devils, I’m passionate about Singaporean and Malaysian football as well. Other than that I love heavy metal music, beer, and milk and cookies.

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Jack Transou

Co-founder, Chief Writer, and Chief Editor

A football obsessed aspiring writer who always seems to be digging through stories or watching the game. My obsession and curiosity covers football throughout Europe, but primarily in France and England. My loves are Olympique Lyonnais and Everton FC. Alexandre Lacazette is still my king.

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Rynaldy Lin

Writer, and Social Media Manager (Twitter)

I’m an ardent Manchester United fan who closely follows the English Premier League and Champions League. I enjoy watching vintage matches from the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga. Besides that, I love travelling, food, technology and watching films and shows. Oh and I love to play football, I just no longer have the stamina for it.

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Kim Ng

Guest Writer, and Marketing Consultant

A football romantic, Kim’s love for football was ignited by a team that fell short (Brazil 2006), and the one that won it all (Miracle At Istanbul), both of whom possess legendary tales that live on in his heart. He seeks to bring out more of such stories in his rare article-writing ventures.

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