The Soccerkakis Podcast Episode 7

In this week’s podcast episodes, we discuss several things yet again!

In the first part, we look at the Euros and discuss aspects of the four semi-finalists. We look at how the Denmark national team has surprised everyone and have become everyone’s second favourite team. Will Gareth Southgate and England bottle it? Would fatigue affect the Spanish team against the Italian press, or would Luis Enrique pull another surprise team selection to overcome the Italians? We answer these questions and more! In case you do not have Spotify, the link to Anchore is here: click here!

In the second part, we talk about what is probably the signing of the summer thus far. Jadon Sancho is finally a red devil and we look at how Man Utd’s new directors, Darren Fletcher and John Murtough, have done something that Ed Woodward has struggled to do for 8 seasons – sign world-class players in positions that the club truly needs. We also discuss Nuno’s move to Spurs and what challenges he might be faced with. And of course, how can we not talk about Rafa Benitez’s appointment as Everton FC’s head coach. Jack expands on his article and weighs in on Rafa being a blue and why it isn’t a good move. Listen to hear what else we have to say!  In case you do not have Spotify, the link to Anchore is here: click here!

In the third and final part, we look at Tampines Rovers’ AFC Champions League run thus far and what lessons the Stags can learn. Vikram discusses his disdain for the mindless hate thrown at the club by a small but vocal minority. We discuss what’s next steps for the Stags and what implications their AFC Champions League on both the players, staff and the rest of the league! Support the stags as they prepare for their final two games! In case you do not have Spotify, the link to Anchore is here: click here!

Rafa the…Blue?

On Rafa Benítez’s impending appointment as Everton manager and what positives I can try to dig out of a sea of unanswered questions… So…it appears Everton have finally found someone that wants to manage their club…and it is someone we have less-than-fond memories of… Rafa Benítez, the man most known for a long and successful…

United Finally Signed Jadon Sancho

It only took them a year or so to pay up… Well, I am sure you all saw the news. After a year of relentless pursuit and countless low-ball offers, Manchester United’s unrelenting desire to get their man finally paid off. Jadon Sancho is a Red Devil, and Fabrizio Romano can finally go about his…

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