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Introducing Our Newest Addition: Singapore U-22 and Young Lions Player Jared Gallagher

It’s the transfer window but Singapore Premier League clubs aren’t the only ones that are shopping. We’ve done some wheeling and dealing of our own and we’ve snapped up a great addition to the squad.

We are pleased to announce that Singapore U-22 international and Young Lions utility player Jared Gallagher has joined the SoccerKakis writing team. When the opportunity arose to get Jared onboard, Jack and myself did not have to think twice. At SoccerKakis, we have always valued unique perspectives and untold narratives. Thus, having an active professional sharing his opinions and views on a routine basis was something we were not going to miss out on.

Jared is no stranger to writing after all. The nineteen-year-old blogs about his experiences playing in Singapore and Hong Kong and how he juggles football and his National Service duties.

Naturally, many of you would have multiple questions in mind.

What was Jared doing in Hong Kong? How was he selected for the Young Lions team? What are his future plans? These are questions that we will answer sooner than you think. We will release an article tomorrow, featuring Jared’s backstory and it is quite an interesting tale indeed.

But we will answer an important question: what topics will Jared cover while with us?

As you know, Jack covers more European-based football, whilst I cover more Asian-based (primarily Singaporean-related) football. So where does Jared fit? Besides offering the unique perspective of being a professional footballer, especially one who did not come through the traditional NFA setup, Jared would also be offering insights on football both in Singapore and Hong Kong – carving out his own niche area.

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for Jared’s first article so stay tuned!

Featured Image Credits: Young Lions and FAS

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