Podcast: The UCL Redraw, Europa League Predictions & AFF Suzuki Cup Thoughts

This week, we finally unveil the mystery man that is Jack Transou – SoccerKakis co-founder and chief editor – as we finally launch our video podcast series. But besides this monumental face reveal, we will be discussing several key topics in this episode. Watch the full episode via the link above! If you don’t like how we look or prefer to listen to us speak instead, below are the links to the podcasts on Spotify and Anchor!

The UEFA Champions League Redraw

First off, we will be looking at the Uefa Champions League redraw which caused a fair bit of controversy. For those unfamiliar with what transpired: In essence, Manchester United were mistakenly omitted as plausible opponents for Atlético Madrid during the initial draw which saw the Red Devils draw Paris Saint-Germain and Atleti draw Bayern Munich. Interestingly enough, Atleti drew Manchester United following the redraw but not everyone was too happy with their newly drawn opponents. Real Madrid were the most furious team and Chelsea were probably the luckiest. Why? Tune in as we discuss these post-redraw matchups and share our predictions for each of them. [Alternative Link via Anchor: click here!]

Will FC Barcelona Win The Europa League? : Europa League Thoughts & Predictions

We remain in the realm of European continental competition for the second part of our recording.

Boy, oh boy. The Europa League truly has become an exciting competition. It may still remain second to the UEFA Champions League in terms of stature but as Jack points out, the Europa League may just be more exciting than the UCL this season. We review the changes to the Europa League format and cover four matches – FC Barcelona vs Napoli, Porto vs Lazio, Rangers vs Dortmund, and RB Leipzig vs Real Sociedad. It is interesting how all ties could very well be Champions League fixtures – further evidence that the standards of the Europa League are indeed on the rise. [Alternative Link via Anchor: click here!]

Our 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup Thoughts & Reflections

We conclude our episode with a reflection on the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.

Vikram shares his thoughts on the recent edition of the ASEAN Football Federation’s biggest competition – diving into topics such as a more integrated ASEAN football framework, how Singapore fared, and what it means to be Singaporean. Strap yourselves for this one peeps, we dive deep. [Alternative Link via Anchor: click here!]

La Décision: Los Blancos Left At the Altar

How Real Madrid should deal with rejection… Well, Real Madrid, are we ok? Are we dealing with this well? Because I have seen some of the reactions to the Mbappé decision in the Spanish media, and it appears we clearly are not dealing with this in a responsible and reasonable manner. It is ok, Madridistas. […]

La Décision: Mbappé Stays

On Kylian Mbappé’s transfer saga and the coming future in Paris… Well, it is finally over. Kylian Mbappé is staying in Paris. The wonderkid forward signed a three year contract with PSG, keeping him at the club until 2025. After months upon months of transfer speculation, theories, and assumptions, Mbappé finally got it over with […]

The Missing Piece?: On Erling Håland’s Move to Manchester City

And now we will witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station… Well, the inevitable has happened. Erling Håland has chosen his next team, and it is the one we all expected it to be this whole time. Erling Håland will sign for Manchester City after agreeing to personal terms with the […]

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