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Our 2021 SoccerKakis SPL Team of The Season

The 2021 Singapore Premier League season had its fair share of thrills and spills and will be memorable for numerous reasons (depending on who you ask of course). That being said, we have finally created our picks for the SPL 2021 Season – well we had for some time now but the global pandemic has resulted in some serious delays – we are still, unfortunately, waiting for the trophies and prizes to arrive. Nevertheless, we did not want to delay any longer and so scroll through to find out who is in the SoccerKakis Team Of The Season!

The Fans Polls

As we mentioned in an earlier article, the fans votes make up 50% of the selection criteria and these were the most selected players out. Scroll through to check them out!

Top 3 Selected Keepers

Top 7 Selected Defenders

Top 8 Selected Midfielders

Top 7 Selected Strikers

Players who appeared most on our Team Of The Week Series

Player Image Credits: Singapore Premier League

The 2021 SoccerKakis Team Of The Season

And so, without further ado, we have the SoccerKakis Team Of the Season lineup!

Image Credits: Singapore Premier League

Of course, not forgetting our star-studded bench!

Now, you might be wondering, how did some of these players make the cut? Well, tune in next week for a special article (or potentially podcast) outlining why these players have made the cut!

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