A New Chapter in June: Welcoming a New Addition & the Resumption of Major European Leagues

The month of May was in many ways, a month of hope in the world of football. The return of the K-League and Bundesliga ushered in a sense of promise for other leagues. Sure, football may have returned but it hasn’t been the same with the absence of fans in attendance and players suffering from a lack of match fitness. However, watching fixtures again on a weekly basis has helped satisfy our thirst for football. Similarly, after 2 months of inconsistent posting, Soccerkakis underwent a rebirth of sorts at the start of May and we want to continue our momentum and post quality content regularly. Overall, May has ended and it ended on a positive note.

Well, if May was a month of hope, June is definitely a month of greater promise. Following the lead of the Korean and German top flights, the Serie A (June 20), La Liga (June 11), and the English Premier League (June 17) are set to resume in the coming weeks ahead. It will be interesting to see how the Serie A and La Liga title races play out. Even though Liverpool have essentially secured the title, it will be interesting to see teams battle it out for the remaining Champions League spots in the Premier League.

Ah, football is returning to our TV screens soon and it’s coming back with renewed fervor from fans who have missed it dearly.

The start of June also sees an exciting development for our site, Soccerkakis. I am pleased to announce that since the 1st of June 2020, our writing team has expanded to include Rynaldy Lin. When we first started this blog at the start of the year, Jack and I never once thought that we would expand and recruit more writers. Yet, we find ourselves today with a new addition to our team and we can’t wait to collaborate with him.

If you have been following this blog closely, Rynaldy shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name. He made a cameo appearance, The last day out with my friends: Remembering the Manchester Derby.

A fellow die-hard Manchester United fan, Rynaldy’s main focus will be on the Premier League and Manchester United. Rynaldy’s arrival leaves me room to focus on Singapore and Southeast Asian football and you can be sure to expect more interview pieces. That being said, I will still occasionally write up articles on the EPL. Rynaldy brings in his own style and even if he is unfamiliar now, you’ll remember him in due time. Check out his first post here.

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